Volunteering project, led by Dr. Anat Kerem - Angel, Lev Hasharon Hospital. 

In the medical center there are victims of sexual assault who experienced physical and mental trauma, and therefore can not be exposed to human contact, not even to a hug.

We were required to design a heavy blanket that simulates a hug, according to demands of weight, washing, safety (suitable filling and not combustible), and pleasant to the touch.


I designed a blanket that weighs 16 kilos. 

The blanket was designed in a number of pastoral and pleasant tones, soft and pleasant to the touch. The cover is removable and can withstand hospital washings. Inside, there are pockets for the legs and hands. The inner blanket is made of durable hypoallergenic fabric, which is filled with a salt mixture. The salt is rich in healing properties and helps to reduce the level of stress. 

The blanket can be rolled and stored, and comes with an opaque bag that allows easy carrying, and protection from moisture and humidity.

Lev Hasharon Hospital chose the blanket from 10 participating blankets, and me awarded a prize for it. 


It is undoubtedly an amazing project made for a grate cause and I am proud to be privileged by participating and contributing my part. 

Winning in this contest, meant a lot to me. 


The project was followed by many and raised awareness to domestic violence against women. 

Huggy Blanket